Changing the way distribution, and farming pack housing is being done across the world.

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Our  solution is changing the way distribution, and farming pack housing is being done across the world, allowing for real-time tracking of assets on pallets and other time-critical goods for you and your production efficiency targets.  The  Ultra wideband (UWB) localisation precision of down to 30 cm, even in difficult, reflective environments, as well as the robust, compact housing design of the transponder allow a broad use in the real-time tracking of objects in manufacturing and logistics.

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) provide high efficiency and easy installation, and combine high localisation accuracy in an industrial environment with unique technical features which allow a broad use of the system in different applications. It is possible to use RTLS in complex environments for various applications.

The real-time data about the location and status of the objects available with the RTLS form the basis for networking the parties involved and the logistics processes in their value-added chain.

Advantages of real-time location systems:

Monitor and optimise the material flow during production.determine the location of mobile medical devices in hsopitals in real time and accelerate important procedures.
Quickly locate containers and vehicles in depots and warehouses.
RTLS support mobile robots or autonomous vehicles to quickly locate materials or stored goods and thus become a basis for efficient automated processes.
A Real-Time Location System can also report when objects leave a predefined room. This makes them an efficient anti-theft protection tool.

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