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How can you use labelling to achieve a successful logistics system?


By implementing innovative labelling systems that keep your warehouse moving (while still reducing downtime, saving costs, and ensuring customer satisfaction), our line of labelling machines is perfectly suited to the logistics and related industries.

Our state of the art Print and Apply labellers can be integrated directly into your information system and are designed for both unit packaging applications and boxes and pallet bundles. They also feature continuous print quality monitoring for implementing corrective actions without interrupting production.

Several print and apply machine options are available:


Print Apply Linerless

is the green solution. An eco-friendly labeller typically installed at the end of the line, this machine can print almost any code, image or variable data from the packaging line and apply the last printed label first. We can apply custom labels to a large range of parcel sizes at high throughput.


Multiside Pallet Print Apply Linerplus

can apply 2 labels per pallet with a single stop, and check and reprint any labels with illegible codes; with two pallet stops, three labels can be applied on the front, side and back. These machines can print labels and apply up to 50 pallets per hour, while the 360mm label roll offers great autonomy and an easily tiltable spring plate for better label application.


Print Apply Linerplus Advance 4.0R Pallet

is ideal when applying one or two labels on two adjacent sides of a pallet; this can be done while the pallet is either stationary or in motion and can be applied on both flat or convex surfaces.


Advantage of print and apply in logistics.

This solution can be applied in your logistics facilities as a form of security. Normally, items are picked and packed by hand and then a label is printed by the operator and manually applied.

By using print and apply after manual packing, the label is applied further into the process by the printer, before being sent to the handover point – tracked by our software the whole time. No human intervention is possible, meaning that package contents and address or location information is kept private and secure, ensuring confidentiality and reducing risk of theft.

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