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The warehouse is potentially the biggest bottleneck that slows the flow of goods especially in peak season when the volumes handled rise dramatically. Usually during these periods, warehouses start working double shifts around the clock. Even so, there comes a point where even hordes of people are simply not enough to handle the throughput effectively. The only solution then is logistics automation.

We focus on the following types of tools:

Distribution and CEP Parcel Tracking and Sorting

With over 50 years combined experience in the logistics and courier industry, we offer not only barcode tracking and tracing for totes, parcels, flats and bags but also pallets.

Speak to the industry experts for your efficient, reliable, high-speed logistics and distribution identification requirements.

Pallet Volumising, Weighing and Identifying and Bulk Warehouse Dimensioning

We provide a highly-customised pallet/ bulk measuring system that accurately scans, weighs and measures volumetric data of large irregular shapes such as pallet loads.

A single pallet or an entire area of pallets can be identified and accurately scanned and measured.

Desk-Top Volumiser

Often there is a need for a small static measurement device; we can offer a desk-top volumiser that measures and records dimensions and as well as the weight of a single item at a time.

Static-Stand-Alone Volumiser

This robust machine can accurately measure small to medium-sized cargo that is hand scanned, then placed on a scale, where it is volumised.

SWAD (Scanning, Weighing and Dimensioning)

Our scanning, weighing and dimensioning machine is an industry leader in its class, specifically designed for the South African market; it is robust and reliable with unparalleled repeatability.


FreightSnap is dedicated to helping our customers improve their shipping processes in every way. From finding the right dimensioner to locating the perfect place in your warehouse to install it, to integrating it with your existing software and devices. At FreightSnap we understand that for a device to add to productivity, it needs to both fit seamlessly into your existing processes as well as be faster than performing it manually.

While dimensioners are an important element, many companies also need the ability to document and store images of inbound shipments, outbound order preparation, outbound freight, and other pertinent documentation.

The FreightSnap Image Station is an integrated image capture system and repository. It allows for unlimited storage of images and freight data which can be easily navigated with the FreightSnap Cloud Platform. Equipped with up to eight cameras, you can capture the condition of your freight from every angle. The FreightSnap Image Station also grows with your company, allowing you the option to upgrade and add dimensioning capabilities if and when desired. The system also includes a mobile platform that can be operated from Android tablets and smartphones.

FreightSnap works with your team to integrate our products, helping you to optimize the workflow within your facility. With the option to store all the photos and information captured on the FreightSnap Cloud, we integrate that information directly into your existing WMS, TMS, and ERP systems, allowing you to keep all your key shipment information in one place. Our products come with out of the box integration with devices such as scales, barcode scanners, and handheld computers.

Pallet Dimensioner

Our highly reliable and affordable fully automatic freight and pallet dimensioner offers accurate dimensioning at a fraction of the cost of other pallet dimensioners, with easy installation in most warehouse and shipping applications. It also features three separate options for storing collected data.

The latest 3D sensor technology delivers consistent, precise measurements of cubic and irregular-shaped freight. The dimensions, weight and photos collected by our dimensioners can be integrated with TMS, WMS, ERP and other back-office software.

Parcel Dimensioning

Improve logistics and efficiencies for ground shipping applications by measuring small boxes, envelopes, and other cubic and irregular shaped items in seconds. Our parcel dimensioning solution features efficient and affordable parcel dimensioning by capturing both weight and volume metrics to determine true shipping costs, helping to eliminate costly carrier re-classification charges as packaging is optimised in-house and captures an image of each parcel before carrier pickup. Collected data can also be used to help manage and maximise valuable storage space.

With an average installation time of 20 minutes, the parcel dimensioner is simple to assemble and operate. These features make this solution the ideal choice for parcel forwarding, warehousing and office and retail environments.


We believe in understanding your business so that we can provide the right Logistic Automation System solution for your specific applications.

Our engineers are on call 24/7, and we respond immediately to any problem experienced by our customers. We understand the importance of our machines to your business and strive to keep them operational 365 days a year.

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