Monitor every identification device in your facility.

CrossTalk Agent &
CrossTalk Suite

Cross-Talk Suite: monitor every device in your facility, simply and intuitively.


With the CrossTalk IoT suite, which has been successfully used in the market for many years, a very comprehensive software for the configuration and operation of the hardware is readily available for the new K-RTLS. On the basis of pre-configured tracking scenarios, it is possible to easily and effectively implement extensive business apps.

Our CrossTalk Suite is a provider-agnostic software platform allowing you to monitor every identification device in your facility, interacting quickly and reliably with backend systems from providers such as SAP, Oracle, and IBM. Overall, the modular software architecture supports the operation of several thousand devices of various technologies and various models in a distributed network environment, regardless of manufacturer or protocol.

Tried and tested integrations include:

  • Cognex
  • Datalogic
  • SICK
  • Microscan
  • Keyence

CrossTalk offers clients total control and monitoring, including the following functions and protocols:

  • OPC
  • OPC sender
  • UDP
  • Flat files
  • SAP

Licensing Options

To use the CrossTalk AutoID and IoT software, you can choose from one of three license packages:

CrossTalk – Base: “Base” is the basic version of CrossTalk. Its focus is on device integration and management.

CrossTalk – Full: The extended version of the platform contains all the features of the basic version plus additional business applications.

CrossTalk – Repository: This highly scalable system stores all Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) events from various goods movement flows and provides them as a central interface for other systemsCrossTalk Agent offers plug & play device integration, real-time data capturing, event processing and intelligent filtering

Kathrein RFID Crosstalk Overview

Incoming and outgoing goods are automatically identified and registered using Kathrein’s dock door overhead solution.

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